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Case Study: G&W Heel Lift, Inc.
Company: G&W Heel Lift, Inc.

Location: Rolla, Missouri

Industry: Manufacturing and distribution of heel lifts to health care professionals in the chiropractic and orthopedic industries

Engineering Need: Increase production volumes while cutting costs for custom heel lift

Project Overview

G&W Heel Lift, Inc. contracted with Enginuity to refine the manufacturing process of custom vinyl heel lifts it produces for health care professionals. As a company with a 38-year history of customer satisfaction, it was vital for G&W to streamline production and lower its expenditures on this product while still delivering a high-quality result for consumers. Engineers at Enginuity developed a new method of production utilizing a creative approach to material handling in order to decrease the per product price significantly and improve delivery time.


  • Develop innovative solution to promote manufacturing efficiency
  • Utilize new machine technology to streamline process and enhance final product
  • Maintain reliability and dependability of product


  • New and improved manufacturing process
  • 75 percent reduction in production cost
  • Expedited delivery of finished product
  • Expanded production volume from 2,000 to 35,000 manufactured per month
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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