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Case Study: Marine Electrical Product
Company: Marine Electrical Product

Location: Lebanon, Missouri

Industry: Mid-size manufacturing and assembly company producing boat components for top-tier boat suppliers

Engineering Need: Cut costs and turnaround time to reverse engineer a variety of custom hinges

Project Overview

Marine Electrical Product approached the company to redesign and consolidate 47 different hinges critical to the boat's interior, intended for their boat supplier customers. Our engineers worked directly with the customer's own engineering team to evaluate the design needs and enhance the product design to maximize efficiency and lower costs. Enginuity continues to produce a variety of custom hinges for Marine Electrical Product as steady volumes of product are ordered.


  • Work directly with customer's engineers to establish product specifications and requirements
  • Improve design based on product functionality
  • Streamline manufacturing process to shorten production timeline


  • Strong working relationship and partnership with customer's engineering team
  • Internationally competitive pricing at major cost savings to customer
  • Improved and more robust product design
  • Added product features
  • Increased flexibility of product end use potential
  • Expedited delivery of finished product
  • Exceeded customer expectations

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