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Hartville, Mo., July 21, 2006—

Enginuity, LLC., has recently announced the development of a new investor program.

The engineering and manufacturing company, which provides turnkey engineering solutions for various industries, hopes to attract investors interested in funding new product inventions and designs in order to expand the reach of their business.

President and Design Engineer Omar Galal said he intends to make the investment experience as personal and customized as possible.

"When investors decide to partner with us, we understand our responsibility to create a comfortable and individually focused environment in order to maximize comfort and minimize risk."

According to Galal, investors will have control not only when it comes to determining the level of their financial investment, but also in identifying precisely how the funds will be allocated.

"Enginuity will cater to specific areas and industries that best match the vested interests of our investors, who will be allowed the opportunity to determine where their financial support will have the largest effect."

According to Galal, Enginuity has unlimited potential and opportunities to grow and make an impact in multiple industries, and investors will see their returns grow along with the company.

Galal said he is excited about the newly developed program, and looks forward to meeting with potential investors to discuss mutually beneficial partnerships.

To learn more about the investment opportunities offered by Enginuity and a list of potential areas of product development, visit the investor page of the company's Web site at www.thinkenginuity.com.


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